Definition of migration in English:



  • 1Seasonal movement of animals from one region to another.

    ‘this butterfly's annual migration across North America’
    • ‘This may be an important mechanism promoting the shoreward migration of larval invertebrates and fish.’
    • ‘During these long migrations they are extremely vulnerable to attack by predators.’
    • ‘But each year the number decreased until there was only one, which left in late February, 1995, to begin its long spring migration to Russia's steppes.’
    • ‘The novel finds a sad, touching disparity between the migrations of birds and the forced marches of uprooted men.’
    • ‘In proposing the waiver, the agency suggested that it would actually benefit wildlife: By interrupting migration, drilling would enable scientists to study the effects of habitat disruption on the deer.’
    • ‘In 2000 the Whooping Crane Eastern Partnership worked together to test the first full migration with sandhill cranes.’
    • ‘In March and early April, they begin their northward migration, often up the Pacific Coast, back to the breeding grounds.’
    • ‘The lack of molt in adults of that species prior to autumn migration probably accounts for this difference.’
    • ‘On many federal lands, one such "impediment" stipulates that drilling must be halted during periods of wildlife migration.’
    • ‘Twice every year, they begin their migration from the Caspian - up from the shores of Iran into the turbid brown artery of the Volga.’
    • ‘The pink salmon migration is expected to start in March or April.’
    • ‘First the salmon stacked up in a long pool, waiting for the rush of water that signals the fall migration.’
    • ‘During periods of migration, the animals transport tribal communities, often as far as several hundred kilometers.’
    • ‘The most frequented place at the moment appears to be in the waters off Kalbarri where humpbacks on their northern migration are frolicking about two weeks earlier than usual.’
    • ‘You want to write a treatise on swallow migration?’
    • ‘While the Corps issues the permits, the state regulates when the work can be done in accordance with fish migration and spawning seasons.’
    • ‘Bird migration is a phenomenon that connects countries, even continents.’
    relocation, resettling, population movement, transhumance, moving, moving abroad, emigration, expatriation, posting, exodus, departure, hegira, defection, trek, diaspora
    departure, passage
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    1. 1.1 Movement of people to a new area or country in order to find work or better living conditions.
      ‘the extensive rural-to-urban migration has created a severe housing shortage’
      • ‘Topping the agenda is a single market that would eliminate trade barriers and ease migration for skilled workers and professionals.’
      • ‘They were rebuilt quickly after the war, and a massive urban migration occurred throughout the 1950s and 1960s as a result of large-scale industrialization and economic development.’
      • ‘Movement and migration is evident along this coast in ancient and modern times.’
      • ‘Having arrived there first as part of a wave of migration from Tahiti, probably in the 9th century, by 1200 they had established settlements in various parts of the islands.’
      • ‘The issue of race and skin colour also had a major importance in shaping the politics of migration in Britain.’
      • ‘The group is building a history of each farm and relating outside influences such as war, depression and migration to the local farms.’
      • ‘Because of large migration within the country, Aymara and Quechua speakers are also found throughout the major urban centers of Peru.’
      • ‘Because of their migrations to other countries, it is impossible to arrive at exact population figures for the Garifuna.’
      • ‘It was the biggest migration of people seen in Europe since the Dark Ages.’
      • ‘Another factor that inhibited earlier Moroccan migration to the United States was the relative proximity of Europe.’
      • ‘First, worldwide patterns of population growth and migration have resulted in increased urbanization, not only within the established industrialized states, but also in many undeveloped and developing societies.’
      • ‘By 1850, the heaviest concentration was in Louisiana, the result of Sicilian migration to New Orleans and its environs.’
      • ‘The set of questions, mostly aimed at the intelligentsia, seek to form an opinion on migration of Sikhs from Kashmir.’
      • ‘Migrations will likely continue to new states and to the rural areas of states where the Amish presently live.’
      • ‘For decades now, the unlawful migration of millions of Mexican nationals into the United States has been a source of sometimes passionate disagreement on both sides of the border.’
      • ‘The first looks at the growth of Bronzeville from 1890 to 1950 in relation to the great migration of African Americans from the rural South to the industrialized North.’
      • ‘Each successive phase of industrial change and development has been, in its turn, associated with new patterns of internal and international migration.’
      • ‘From the perspective of human ecology, migration is the major mechanism of social change and adaptability for human populations.’
      • ‘In many cases, money sent by immediate relatives reflects a mutually beneficial agreement whereby the migrant family member is supporting his or her family members until their migration is possible.’
      • ‘As the costs of migration are assumed to rise, the government acquires more power to extract additional revenue from its constituents without the constituents emigrating to another territory.’
  • 2Movement from one part of something to another.

    ‘there is virtually no cell migration in plants’
    • ‘The windowing technique captured simulated sinusoidal and step changes in cell migration superposed on a persistent random walk in simulated cell movement.’
    • ‘Generally, foreland basins show convex-up subsidence curves due to increasing subsidence rates through time resulting from migration of a supra-crustal orogenic load towards the foreland.’
    • ‘Note that migration always changes the state of the entire segment, because a gamete either does or does not migrate.’
    • ‘In ductile materials, these stress concentrations may be relieved by creep and stress relaxation in the matrix or by grain-boundary migration.’
    • ‘There was also an improvement in cell-mediated immune status, as assessed by the leukocyte migration inhibition test.’