Definition of migrant in English:



  • 1A person who moves from one place to another in order to find work or better living conditions.

    • ‘We recognise that some migrants, and especially refugees, may have high settlement needs.’
    • ‘We did in fact change the way in which we talked about refugees or migrants or New Australians.’
    • ‘Movement was driven mainly by the political, economic, social, and professional circumstances of the individual migrant.’
    • ‘The migrants moved to one side of their 33 ft boat and the vessel tipped over.’
    • ‘When land was surveyed and the location of the capital decided most of these migrants moved to Adelaide.’
    • ‘This is because the work migrants do adds to the running of the economy.’
    • ‘We will not turn our back on these or other migrants contributing so much to our economy and our society.’
    • ‘It will also enhance the ability of migrants, refugees, and their families to settle here.’
    • ‘The migrants got along under the colonial regimes, dealing with powers as they found them.’
    • ‘Javier investigates the economic and political impact of Mexican migrants in the US on their home country.’
    • ‘One particular myth is that migrants and refugees are a ‘drain on our economy’.’
    • ‘He also referred to the economic significance of funds that migrants send back to their countries of origin.’
    • ‘Some migrants may prefer the anonymity of the shadow economy to the prospect of dealing with the authorities.’
    • ‘The first is that there is a fundamental difference between a refugee, who is fleeing persecution, and a migrant, who is seeking a better life.’
    • ‘Kocher, who often casts herself as a migrant, displaced from all possible homes, appropriately closes the volume on this ambivalent note.’
    • ‘We changed the immigration policy to recruit more migrants who could meet labour force needs.’
    • ‘On the other hand, some financial interests have argued that Australia needs more migrants to boost economic growth.’
    • ‘These migrants are not being treated as slaves or even as animals - they are being treated worse than that.’
    • ‘To prevent this happening 12 member countries have put a block on migrants moving there until up to 2011.’
    • ‘The second project, which is about to be published, documents the plight of refugees and migrants.’
    immigrant, emigrant, incomer, newcomer, asylum seeker, settler, expatriate, expat, exile
    nomad, itinerant, gypsy, traveller, vagrant, transient, rover, wayfarer, wanderer, drifter, displaced person, dp, homeless person
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  • 2An animal that migrates.

    • ‘This species is a common passerine long-distance migrant of average size, used previously as a basis for model predictions.’
    • ‘The spring migrants have moved on but the shorebirds haven't yet arrived in force.’
    • ‘In California, the last of the southbound animals sometimes overlap with the first northbound migrants.’
    • ‘The Myrtle form of Yellow-rumped Warbler is a common migrant and winter resident in Washington.’
    • ‘Our study focused on the Wood Thrush, a Neotropical migrant that nests in eastern woodlands of North America.’
    • ‘Birds that were altitudinal migrants or local nomads were classified as resident.’
    • ‘Very pale and worn, the insect was clearly a migrant that had arrived from North Africa on the high pressure zone.’
    • ‘Although we love our regular yard birds, every spring we are delighted with each migrant that returns to nest with us.’


  • Tending to migrate or having migrated:

    ‘migrant birds’
    • ‘The normal differences between urban and rural, elite and the rest, apply - with a large group of low-paid migrant workers added in.’
    • ‘Restrictions or bans by certain countries have been placed to protect migrant workers from trafficking and other rights violations.’
    • ‘This is a lot different from the attitudes revealed in past surveys when migrant workers would not have had any second thoughts before buying the cheapest product available.’
    • ‘To keep their jobs, migrant workers have to tolerate unfair treatment and having their pay withheld which, in turn, encourages employers to skirt the law.’
    • ‘There was no running water and no electricity available to sustain this tiny enclave of fisherman and migrant workers, yet the mood during my visit was upbeat.’
    travelling, wandering, moving, migrating, migratory, expatriate
    drifting, nomadic, roving, roaming, itinerant, gypsy, peripatetic, vagrant, transient, floating, unsettled, on the move, displaced, homeless
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