Definition of miff in English:



[WITH OBJECT]informal
  • Annoy:

    ‘I'll confess it miffed me slightly at the time’
    ‘a doctor might be miffed by claims that the cure had no medical explanation’
    • ‘I was miffed about that and would not have done it if I had known.’
    • ‘If I were them I'd be miffed by her insistence that when she dies they will not inherit a penny.’
    • ‘Industry, while prepared to welcome any reduction, however small, in its current plight, was miffed.’
    • ‘He had been de-selected for the council elections and must have been miffed.’
    • ‘I am slightly miffed that the NTUC Fairprice in my area is taking so long to be done with its renovations.’
    • ‘He was a bit miffed the he couldn't display his beautiful features while walking along the Camlough Road.’
    • ‘Even though I knew she wouldn't win, I'm still miffed she got booted from the competition.’
    • ‘I had found the whole incident rather amusing, but he was slightly miffed by it.’
    • ‘I was so miffed at missing out on my eggy muffin treat, I determined to make some at home on Sunday.’
    • ‘Defending their sale tactic yesterday, one staff member said customers had not been miffed by the sign.’
    • ‘The questioner assumes one is miffed by the question and does not include the option of relief.’
    • ‘I said that I was with my friends and couldn't just leave and he was miffed again.’
    • ‘Needless to say, I'm a tad miffed all round when it comes to gaming magazines.’
    • ‘He was sorely miffed at being forced to give guarantees, which his father was never expected to give for him.’
    • ‘But this isn't about me being miffed at not getting into Bedford Square.’
    • ‘Readers were miffed by the cavalier attitude taken to such an important cultural icon.’
    • ‘While leaving his house he was so miffed by a car that was illegally parked across his driveway that he lashed out and gave it a quick boot.’
    • ‘No matter what ruling they ultimately emerge with, there are bound to be some very miffed clubs across the nation.’
    • ‘I am somewhat miffed that if I am ever to achieve this ambition, I will have to put up with rather too much of this idiot's writings.’
    • ‘Having decided to gift it to the nation, she seems somewhat miffed that nobody now seems to want it.’
    annoyed, displeased, offended, aggrieved, piqued, riled, nettled, vexed, irked, irritated, upset, hurt, pained, put out, in a huff, fed up, chagrined, disgruntled, discontented, resentful
    peeved, narked, browned off, hacked off
    cheesed off, not best pleased
    pissed off
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  • A petty quarrel or fit of pique:

    ‘like ladies in a miff who won't explain’
    argument, row, fight, disagreement, difference of opinion, dissension, falling-out
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Early 17th century: perhaps imitative; compare with early modern German muff, an exclamation of disgust.