Definition of midsummer madness in English:

midsummer madness


mass noun
  • Foolish or reckless behaviour, considered to be at its height at midsummer.

    • ‘Martina Hingis, back to her smiling self after the midsummer madness of last year, put another young pretender firmly in her place in Melbourne yesterday.’
    • ‘Is midsummer madness giving you a wee persecution complex?’
    • ‘Scott was described as suffering from ‘an attack of midsummer madness.’’
    • ‘Even a stentorian dog and some underfoot children will add to the midsummer madness.’
    • ‘The emergence of the Notting Hill Set last week sparked brusque denunciations of these upstarts by the old guard, leading to accusations of a return to the party's usual midsummer madness.’
    folly, foolishness, stupidity, insanity, lunacy, foolhardiness, idiocy, imprudence, irrationality, unreasonableness, illogicality, senselessness, nonsense, nonsensicalness, absurdness, absurdity, silliness, inanity, ludicrousness, wildness, preposterousness
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