Definition of midshipman in English:



  • 1A rank of officer in the Royal Navy, above naval cadet and below sub lieutenant.

    • ‘My wife's grandfather went through the battle of Jutland as a sixteen-year-old midshipman.’
    • ‘He was fifteen and a midshipman on the HMS Boyne, Admiral Neale's flagship.’
    • ‘He joined the Navy and became a midshipman in 1915 on the ship HMS Collingwood.’
    • ‘The scheme aims to provide young midshipmen and officer cadets starting at ADFA with a home away from home.’
    • ‘Swordmaker Wilkinson Sword had stopped making dirks after the Royal Navy had abandoned the practice of issuing dirks to its midshipmen in 1939.’
    • ‘She's a college student who's also a midshipman in the Reserve Officer Training Corps on campus.’
    • ‘‘I started out as a midshipman, the lowest rank on board a ship, and worked my way up to lieutenant three years later,’ he told the Daily Dispatch on board the ship this week.’
    • ‘He joined the navy as a midshipman when he was 16, and two years later sailed with Captain Bligh on the expedition to carry breadfruit plants from Tahiti to the West Indies.’
    • ‘The cocked hat, which had been worn by some warrant officers and midshipmen, was replaced by this tall black hat for both ranks.’
    • ‘As an undergraduate I had a number of little jobs, as a waiter and barman, and I enrolled as a midshipman in the Royal Naval Reserve at weekends and holidays.’
    • ‘He entered the navy at 13 as a midshipman and soon demonstrated that despite enthusiasm for the service, his talents were limited and his manners rough.’
    • ‘He entered the navy a midshipman in the era of cannon balls and oak hulls powered by sail, and retired as admiral of a fleet of steel, powered by steam, that fired huge shells thousands of yards.’
    • ‘He joined the Navy as a midshipman at the age of 14, and fought in the battles of Copenhagen and Trafalgar.’
    • ‘He spent most of the war training on HMS Worcester, based at Greenhithe on the Thames, but in March 1918 he was drafted into the Royal Naval Reserve as a midshipman.’
    • ‘We also read an article about how George Washington almost became a midshipman in England's Royal Navy in his early years (his mother wouldn't let him).’
    • ‘Horatio Hornblower begins his saga as a young midshipman in the British navy, during the Napoleonic era.’
    • ‘Sixty midshipmen and officer cadets represented 13 countries, which made the competition a great opportunity for international interaction.’
    1. 1.1 A naval cadet in the US navy.
      • ‘There she met a Naval Academy midshipman from Texas.’
      • ‘Training of midshipman is already being provided at the U.S. Naval Academy and in a few ROTC units.’
      • ‘Oddly, Disher appears to be oblivious to the fact that she and her classmates were merely the first female midshipmen, not the first Navy women by far.’
      • ‘The Defense Department made greatest use of the technique, with 47 data mining projects to track everything from the academic performance of Navy midshipmen to the whereabouts of ship parts and suspected terrorists.’
      • ‘A midshipman in the U.S. Navy at sixteen, young Porter commanded his first ship at thirty-three during the Mexican War.’
      • ‘Yesterday was graduation day at the Naval Academy so there are lots of midshipmen everywhere in their dress whites.’
      • ‘Exacerbating the situation is the fact that cadets and midshipman who are children of career military parents are present in record numbers at the service academies.’
      • ‘In the past year I have met midshipmen, Air Force cadets, colonels at the Army War College, officers in the Pentagon, air and naval crews at sea, reserve and retired officers, and a variety of civilian defense analysts.’
      • ‘After sea duty, the Navy recognized Don's promise by sending him as a midshipman to Columbia University in New York City.’
      • ‘He had regained his forward motion when Midshipman James, one step above the most junior midshipman, tripped over his own feet leaving Pellew's cabin.’
      • ‘His interviews became notorious, often pitting a four-star admiral against a midshipman or junior officer in his twenties.’
      • ‘Davis left his studies at Harvard to join the navy as a midshipman in 1817.’
      • ‘It's the leader of the free world reaching past his Secret Service protectors to shake the furry hoof of a midshipman dressed as Bill, the Navy goat mascot.’
      • ‘With only eight marines, a Navy midshipman, and 100 mercenaries, Eaton left Alexandria, Egypt, to restore Hamet Karamanli to the throne of Tripoli and overthrow his usurper brother.’
      • ‘This book is the exception that explores the Confederate Naval Academy and the education of midshipmen for the Confederate States Navy.’
  • 2An American toadfish with dorsal and anal fins that run most of the length of the body and rows of light organs on the underside.

    Genus Porichthys, family Batrachoididae: two or three species

    • ‘Schlinger et al. found that the activity of aromatase in the hindbrain was higher in plainfin midshipman females and sneaker Type II males than in acoustically courting Type I males.’