Definition of midriff in English:



  • 1The region of the front of the body between the chest and the waist:

    ‘she wore a top that showed her midriff’
    • ‘She wore a black, leather, sleeveless top that laced in the front, leaving her midriff bare.’
    • ‘He is sauntering along the beach wearing flip-flops, shorts and a T-shirt with a rectangular window cut away from the midriff to reveal his toned stomach.’
    • ‘The Golf Academy has a lower standard than some courses: shirts with sleeves, no cut-off shorts and no bare midriffs.’
    • ‘I'd arrived there with two willowy 14-year-olds, all bare midriffs and attitude, feeling that along with the luggage I had probably also packed a whole load of trouble.’
    • ‘They may reject the idea that the emancipation of women consists in the wearing of mini-skirts or the baring of midriffs, but still be concerned with promoting the further equality of women.’
    • ‘Her outfit consisted of khaki capris and a red top, showing her midriff and toned stomach.’
    • ‘It's great that women feel comfortable in their skins and are proud of their midriffs.’
    • ‘Underneath these, though, their garments were skimpy, the men wearing pants and no shirt, and the women covering their chest but letting their midriff show.’
    • ‘It starts to occur in the chest instead of the midriff.’
    • ‘They are open to body blows in the midriff and lack the ability to throw straight punches.’
    • ‘A sweater that stopped short of her midriff showed her belly button.’
    • ‘According to London Fashion Week, the midriff is dead and the good old waist is at long last back in style.’
    • ‘Her dress had a large tear cut across the midriff under her chest so that it hung open, revealing most of her stomach.’
    • ‘The round is also far more accurate than previous versions, meaning police have a better chance of hitting the target area of the midriff rather than the more vulnerable head and chest.’
    • ‘A pot-belly will start to develop in his midriff.’
    • ‘While insulin is essential to life, too much of it tends to promote the accumulation of fat in the body, particularly around the midriff.’
    • ‘I subconsciously rubbed the first signs of middle-aged spread bulking my midriff.’
    • ‘Michelle had on a black leather mini and a shirt that showed off her midriff and belly button.’
    • ‘The top was bright green, and fitted tightly to her body, leaving her midriff, arms and neck bare.’
    • ‘He proposed a dress code that would ban any display of cleavage, thighs, backs, shoulders and midriffs.’
    1. 1.1Anatomy dated The diaphragm.
      stomach, belly, gut, middle, midriff, intestines
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Old English midhrif, from mid + hrif ‘belly’.