Definition of midpoint in English:



  • 1The exact middle point.

    ‘the midpoint of each face of a cube’
    • ‘When this line reaches the midpoint of the kernel, 90 percent of the final kernel dry weight has been achieved and silage yields reach a maximum.’
    • ‘An intermediate brace or diagonal attached at the midpoint of the 16-foot brace is needed to prevent buckling under a compression load.’
    • ‘To complete the flat pattern, draw a line from midpoint to midpoint of the phantom lines to define the length of a curved section on the flat pattern.’
    • ‘Maximum valve height of the carapace is roughly at the midpoint of the hinge line.’
    • ‘Subsequently, one defines planes perpendicular to such lines, positioning them at the midpoint between the connected particles.’
    • ‘It picked a day that is the exact midpoint between the March 20 and May 15 meetings.’
    • ‘In contrast, it is almost exactly equal to the midpoint of the middles of the two parties.’
    • ‘The midpoints of segments AM lie directly on the tangent lines.’
    • ‘Prove that all those lines concur at the midpoint M of the arc ST complementary to the segment.’
    • ‘In cross section, the line formed by this point and the midpoint of the transverse glenoid diameter at the level of the articular surface defines the axis of the scapula.’
    • ‘If you contemplate the quadrupled square for a while, you might think to join the midpoints of adjacent sides - in effect, drawing the diagonals of the four copies of the original square.’
    • ‘Maccera was the exact midpoint between her parents' homes.’
    • ‘The red streak ended at the exact midpoint of a bunk bed, which was situated directly across from the door.’
    • ‘The web plate is longitudinally stiffened near the midpoint of its depth.’
    • ‘The sampling depth of 1.5 m was near the midpoint of the epilimnion depth in each lake.’
    • ‘Use the Offset command with the offset value set to through, and offset a line through the midpoint of the lines just drawn.’
    • ‘Medians, the midpoints in a series of numbers, were added to this year's calculations to prevent a few unusually large or small numbers from skewing the results.’
    • ‘In a perfectly symmetrical face, all midpoints will fall on the vertical midline.’
    • ‘The four small light blue rectangles at the midpoints of the membrane perimeter are chip-scale refrigerators that cooled the cube and membrane to only a few hundred thousandths of a degree above absolute zero.’
    • ‘Then draw the lift lines perpendicular to the insertion lines and mark the midpoint between the insertion lines.’
    centre, mean, median, mid point, halfway point, dead centre, focal point, focus, hub, nucleus, midst
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    1. 1.1 A point somewhere in the middle.
      ‘he would have been at the midpoint in his career’
      • ‘About the midpoint of my career, I joined the corporation's public affairs function.’
      middle, nucleus, heart, core, hub, pivot, kernel, eye, bosom
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