Definition of midnight in English:



  • 1Twelve o'clock at night.

    ‘I left at midnight’
    • ‘The blaze broke out at midnight and five fire crews worked through the night to pump water from a nearby river.’
    • ‘After the last supper on the final night, the team set off from the camp at midnight.’
    • ‘At midnight on Monday he was on the phone organising a list of surgeons for the following day.’
    • ‘Here are the figures as they appeared when the poll was closed at midnight last night.’
    • ‘At midnight she slipped into the cold sea and swam until her feet touched the iron sand.’
    • ‘The night ended at midnight, which was about the right time for me, and I felt really happy.’
    • ‘At midnight the church bell rang out to welcome in the new year and carol singing took place.’
    • ‘At midnight every night, the bell in the bell tower was rung to summon the spirits.’
    • ‘At midnight she heard one of four shots fired as a police marksman killed the rampaging stag.’
    • ‘The planetary day begins at sunrise and not at midnight as in the civil calendar.’
    • ‘At midnight the owner turns off the outside lights so we can see the stars.’
    • ‘At midnight, Frank did the usual check for the eighteen security guards in his station.’
    • ‘At midnight, with no sign of Sandy, we left some sandwiches in the drawing room and went to bed.’
    • ‘At midnight we were swept out with the rest of the rubbish and decided to call it a night.’
    • ‘I faced a difficult political decision when work ended at midnight last night.’
    • ‘Surely, whatever the reason, there is no need to be in a library at midnight on a Saturday night?’
    • ‘The Hollywood sign was bathed in red white and blue at midnight as fireworks lit the cold but clear night sky.’
    • ‘At midnight she blew the candles out and switched on the kitchen and hallway lights.’
    • ‘At midnight there were fireworks and champagne and mulled wine on the beach.’
    • ‘At midnight I walk outside then walk back in again with a lump of coal, and wish myself a Happy New Year.’
    twelve midnight, twelve at night, twelve o'clock, dead of night, the middle of the night, zero hours, the witching hour
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    1. 1.1often as modifier The middle period of the night.
      ‘the midnight hours’
      • ‘She joined in the midnight rush for buckets and water to dampen down the cottage roof.’
      • ‘I was hoping it was a bad dream or at best a hallucination from a midnight toilet break.’
      • ‘All at once the apparent walls of the room turned from a gold color to a black dotted with stars, most like a midnight sky.’
      • ‘Police were called out when a group of drunken youths went on a midnight rampage.’
      • ‘It is the soundtrack to a summer, late nights, midnight skies, red wine, being carefree.’
      • ‘I was sitting by the swimming pool having a midnight drink before turning in when the phone rang.’
      • ‘As he confesses, Victor has raided slaughterhouses in his midnight expeditions.’
      • ‘Anyway, we went down to the beach for a midnight stroll, which seemed to cheer her up.’
      • ‘You wouldn't believe how great it is to go to a midnight movie when you know you're not supposed to be there.’
      • ‘I could go into Nice and see my friends and come back on the midnight train.’
      • ‘That's all well and good, but what happens when it fancies a midnight snack and it starts coming after me!’
      twelve midnight, twelve at night, twelve o'clock, dead of night, the middle of the night, zero hours, the witching hour
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Old English midniht (see mid-, night).