Definition of midiron in English:



  • An iron with a medium degree of loft, such as a four-, five-, or six-iron.

    • ‘He hits the ball 280 to 290 yards off the tee but says the strength of his game is his midirons and chipping around the greens.’
    • ‘I was nervous coming off of the first tee and I kept getting into trouble with my driver so I just tried to focus on my long and midirons.’
    • ‘Around the greens these balls felt nearly as soft as urethane, and when hit at relatively slow swing speeds with short and midirons, they spun plenty.’
    • ‘The long and midirons have a hollow body, like woods, so more weight can be moved down and back.’
    • ‘The long and midirons are made from 17-4 stainless steel.’