Definition of middleweight in English:



mass noun
  • 1A weight in boxing and other sports intermediate between welterweight and light heavyweight. In the amateur boxing scale it ranges from 71–5 kg.

    • ‘The super middleweight bout was quite slow paced as Miller just flopped around while Easley watched.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, Kenya's Conjestina Achieng, the African women's middleweight boxing champion, also boats a concussive punch.’
    • ‘Moreover, Hearns moved up to middleweight and eventually up to the light heavyweight division.’
    • ‘Riding an unbeaten streak since 1998, Ward has dominated opponents in the middleweight and light heavyweight classes.’
    • ‘In 1958, Sugar Ray Robinson beat Carmen Bastillo to take the world middleweight boxing title.’
    • ‘Like him or loathe him, former middleweight world boxing champion Chris Eubank is a legend.’
    • ‘Wayne Pinder's birthday has been put on hold until after tonight's defence of his World Boxing Federation middleweight title.’
    • ‘He wrestled middleweight in the junior worlds because of different weight limits.’
    • ‘Alan Minter's reign as World Boxing Association middleweight champion came to an end after only six months when he fought ‘Marvellous’ Marvin Hagler at Wembley Arena.’
    • ‘Is the former world middleweight boxing champion about to make an unexpected confession?’
    • ‘The first two categories of Men's Open, lightweight and middleweight, are won by default.’
    • ‘Alexander had previously beaten Fessechko on points at light-middleweight in July 2001, but at middleweight he became the first fighter to floor the durable Ukrainian.’
    • ‘Today's light heavyweight and middleweight divisions are in bad shape.’
    • ‘Toney had so much trouble making weight at middleweight and light-heavyweight.’
    • ‘In the decade of the 40's, Burley was ranked in the top 10 in both the welterweight and middleweight and yet there was no title shot.’
    • ‘Camacho easily outboxed him on the way to winning the fringe National Boxing Association super middleweight title.’
    • ‘And he was doing that at middleweight, 13 lb heavier than his natural welterweight.’
    • ‘Castellani was a top class fighter who met the best the welterweight and middleweight divisions could offer.’
    • ‘He has won titles at welterweight and middleweight.’
    • ‘I was the California middleweight champion in 1982, so my boxing amateur career was from 1977 to 1984.’
    1. 1.1count noun A middleweight boxer or other competitor.
      • ‘Both are more than middleweights, with long, strong records at African competitions and in Ghana's case, in world youth competitions.’
      • ‘Hopkins has been declared a ‘super champion’ and elevated above the other middleweights.’
      • ‘Next up was the NASC women's competition premiere, with five women, two heavyweights, one middleweight and two lightweights.’
      • ‘Many in the crowd came out to see local favorite, middleweight Joey Gilbert.’
      • ‘I will probably do about 30 rounds of sparring with Groenewald and some more rounds with various middleweights and super-middleweights.’
      • ‘Still the experts said that Ellis was just a blown up middleweight.’
      • ‘He was robbed in his last two fights, but I still think he's one of the top super middleweights.’
      • ‘He won the novice overall and placed second among the middleweights.’
      • ‘They kicked on, both sides slugging it out like middleweights in an oversize ring, until O'Sullivan, Cooper and Crowley (again in that order) combined for Crowley to snatch his and Kerry's second goal.’
      • ‘I feel he is the one middleweight who is Hagler's equal in just about every category, but holds the size and style advantage.’
      • ‘There's no middleweight that he fought that made him a superstar.’
      • ‘How did Hopkins become one of the great middleweights?’
      • ‘He fought almost everyone in an era that owned some of the greatest welterweights and middleweights of all time.’
      • ‘Because of his ability, Tragos was often given a middleweight title, but the middleweights were no heavyweights when it came time for payoffs.’
      • ‘The Worlds allow one entrant per division per country, while the World Games are one men's lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight per continent.’
      • ‘Do we need four heavyweight champions or four super middleweights champions?’
      • ‘Unfortunately for the field of 21 middleweights, their class had one of the strangest finishes in the annals of the NPC Nationals.’
      • ‘A division once ruled by giants is now being overwhelmed by the force of two former middleweights.’
      • ‘By 1959 Henry was good enough to mix it up with the best middleweights and light heavyweights in the world.’
      • ‘He is much better than I thought, and I have no hesitation in saying that he would beat any middleweight in the world, and most heavyweights.’