Definition of middle life in English:

middle life


mass noun
  • Middle age.

    • ‘He wrote fiction in middle life and drama in his last years, but his youthful efforts were in verse - a heavily shod Miltonic blank verse, written in English.’
    • ‘This means they will not be spending any extra years they gain in a nursing home but will have an extra 10 or 20 years added to their middle life.’
    • ‘They have lower cholesterol levels and are less likely to die in middle life from a heart attack or stroke.’
    • ‘He came to the academy in middle life after working on the land and as a minister in the Church of Christ.’
    • ‘By then he was in middle life and already had a string of scientific successes, most unsung, behind him.’
    • ‘But he painted them no surviving or recorded pictures, nor any for the brother by whom he stood when some mysterious disgrace ruined that brother in middle life.’
    • ‘At 23 she became engaged to a diplomat who died a few months later, and in middle life she was passionately attached to a married man who was killed at Gallipoli.’
    • ‘A woman above middle life came forward from amongst them.’
    • ‘Giving his callused band a jokey name, Hiatt addresses middle life with customary wit and pathos.’
    • ‘But ethical values are difficult to acquire on demand, in middle life.’
    • ‘The son was a radical puritan with mystical leanings, and in middle life a doctrinaire republican.’
    • ‘High dietary fat intake during middle life may not necessarily be a risk factor for breast cancer.’