Definition of middle C in English:

middle C


  • The C near the middle of the piano keyboard, written on the first leger line below the treble stave or the first leger line above the bass stave.

    • ‘His splendid voice spans the low C of a true bass and the middle C of most tenors.’
    • ‘For example, the A above middle C on the piano is set to the standard value of 440 Hz, so the A an octave above that has a frequency of 880 Hz.’
    • ‘It starts at the very beginning by introducing the treble clef and finding middle C on the keyboard and continues from there.’
    • ‘But when the first ladybug is on treble clef middle C, only an up arrow appears.’
    • ‘Diane brought Matt into the family room and introduced him to the middle C on the piano.’


middle C