Definition of mid-water in English:



  • The part of a body of water that is neither near the surface nor near the bottom.

    ‘whales and seals feed in mid-water or on the seabed’
    as modifier ‘mid-water fish’
    • ‘The mid-water sea trawling sector has not performed well in last season, according to people in the industry.’
    • ‘As an adult, Pomoxis nigromaculatus is a mid-water omnivore that feeds in vegetation and open water.’
    • ‘Able to dock at the mid-water stations to upload data as well as receive new mission instructions, they can remain submerged indefinitely.’
    • ‘Small mid-water animals called larvaceans cast off nets of mucus, or ‘sinkers,’ which, by Robison's estimates, account for the deep-sea food deficit.’
    • ‘As we ascended to the safety stop, the mid-water fish schools hovered, keeping us company until our time on this stately ship was up.’