Definition of mid-tempo in English:



  • Played or sung at a moderate tempo.

    ‘a mid-tempo ballad’
    • ‘"All That I've Got" is jangly, pounding midtempo rock number with a sweet string arrangement.’
    • ‘He has slowed it down a lot, but still moves at a good midtempo clip.’
    • ‘Low returns to the mid tempo rock of the title track and yet still manages to fit a percussion break into the most U2 sounding like track on the record.’
    • ‘All of these songs stay within the slow to mid tempo range; nothing ever really changing.’
    • ‘The pair recorded much of Back to Bedlam, a collection of wistful ballads and midtempo pop-rockers, at Perry's Los Angeles studio.’
    • ‘This album dishes up a balanced diet of mid tempo cruising in-your-car joints, alongside those dangerously suave, seductive ballads.’
    • ‘While there are no real dead spots, a midtempo malaise falls over the otherwise strong batch of songs.’
    • ‘At its worst it lapses into bland mid tempo pop that a band as gifted as this really shouldn't be churning out.’
    • ‘Chocolate Girl's main mix will get you shaking and the mid tempo rhythm is quite enjoyable.’
    • ‘Around the Sun is no more rocking than the last two, and perhaps less, tending to midtempo ballads and anthems with a few laid-back grooves along the way.’
    • ‘The album is stuffed with queasy midtempo tracks and bizarre orchestration, but it's by no means impenetrable.’
    • ‘Praise must go to the four-man rhythm section who power the album's mostly mid tempo grooves.’
    • ‘The four songs here don't display a terrible amount of range, all falling squarely in the midtempo range and consisting of the same instrumentation.’
    • ‘The pianist augments many of these mid tempo pieces with lilting harmonics, a deft right hand, and well-placed chord clusters.’
    • ‘Emmylou Harris is the queen of the midtempo lament.’
    • ‘Instead we get a series of very similar midtempo chuggers, songs leaking into each other and sounding like dim echoes of Interpol's past.’
    • ‘The father composes most of the material; pleasant, cool midtempo post bop that sound like it comes from the late fifties.’
    • ‘But where that album moved with confidence and conviction of purpose, Control wallows in an amoral netherworld of overamped midtempo ballads and incomplete thoughts.’
    • ‘The midtempo drum hits are ridged as drop forge steel, never deviating even slightly for the beat, never pausing for a fill, never laying out.’
    • ‘The Horrorist tag comes from his penchant for adding - get this - actual spoken storylines to his midtempo, post-hardcore electro creepers.’