Definition of mid-European in English:



  • another term for Middle European
    • ‘It seems Bulgaria's expat life revolves around the long established and quite fascinating background of an attractive mid-European city, as well as an interesting countryside.’
    • ‘Lambert Wilson is stuck with an unnecessary mid-European accent for no reason other than the fact that his French accent was so compelling in The Matrix Reloaded that they had to dump it.’
    • ‘The large slice of aubergine was infused with the sweet taste of the chutney, and the addition of the cheese and olives transformed it from some sort of mid-European mishmash into a dish with a stunning range of flavours.’
    • ‘Although the later work is expressionist in character it is free of the mid-European nihilism often associated with expressionism.’
    • ‘Only the unmistakable lilt of his mid-European accent gives a clue to his unsettled past.’
    • ‘The Pomeranian takes its name from Pomerania, in Germany, and it is generally thought to be of mid-European origin.’