Definition of mid-engined in English:



  • (of a car) having the engine located centrally between the front and rear axles.

    • ‘In fact the real M1 was a short-lived but beautifully conceived mid-engined sports car built between 1978 and 1981, and if BMW creates a proper M version of the 1-series, believe me, it will need to be a whole lot better than this.’
    • ‘It also has a strong claim to the title of ‘best handling car in the world’ with its perfectly balanced mid-engined chassis, super-sweet flat six-cylinder engine and superb brakes.’
    • ‘The M72 features a bolted-together, all-aluminum chassis with thermoplastic body panels, keeping the weight of the mid-engined two-seater down to an incredibly low 380-kg.’
    • ‘Leading the way forward is the compact sports and speciality car, a two-plus-two mid-engined sporty roadster, but with a difference.’
    • ‘The frumpy looks belie this mid-engined car's beguiling flat-six engine and fabulous handling.’
    • ‘My first session was in the rain and provided an interesting environment in which to test the mid-engined chassis.’
    • ‘The MGF is a two-seater mid-engined sports car equipped with a 109 kW VVC engine, and claimed near-perfect weight distribution and handling.’
    • ‘It would also be interesting to see what the steering would be like without power assistance as I don't think mid-engined cars need it, but as most people these days want it, the M12 has it whether you like it or not.’
    • ‘Longer, wider and taller than the original Sixties car, the GT still marries a sublimely graceful form with the functional brutalism characteristic of most mid-engined supercars.’
    • ‘The Pontiac Fiero was Detroit's attempt at a mid-engined, slant-fronted, carbon-fibre-bodied, European-style sports car.’
    • ‘To take on the top racers he set out to design his own mid-engined vehicle with a ‘space frame’ construction covered in fibreglass bodywork.’
    • ‘This mid-engined 265 bhp monster reaches 62 mph in less than 5s and rockets on to a 150 mph top speed.’
    • ‘This mid-engined road racer is saddled with a supercharged version of the bulky 5.4-liter V8, an engine no more suited to a modern supercar than to a Focus.’
    • ‘Cooper-Bristols pioneered the lightweight mid-engined car and the victory was seen as a triumph for the small, entrepreneurial British engineering companies.’
    • ‘The ride is also surprisingly good for a mid-engined supercar, taut but well able to soak up small and large bumps with perfect bounce and rebound control.’
    • ‘Even more unusually for a mid-engined coupe, the NSX scores highly in the visibility ratings too.’
    • ‘Some mid-engined cars can be very tricky, treacherous even in such conditions, but we quickly found that the Cayman is not one of them.’
    • ‘Called Enzo, in memory of the firm's founder, it is a mid-engined two-seater, with 660 bhp from a 6.0-litre V12 engine.’
    • ‘It was a belief passed from father to son: the only real driver's car is rear-wheel-drive, preferably mid-engined with bags of horsepower.’
    • ‘In broad terms, the Sirius takes the rounded, homogenous style that inspired the Porsche 928 of the late 1970s and translates it into a mid-engined 21st century supercar.’