Definition of microvillus in English:



  • Each of a large number of minute projections from the surface of some cells.

    • ‘These cells are sparse but are easily distinguished from other epithelial cells by the presence of a tuft of blunt, squat microvilli on the cell surface.’
    • ‘The diagnosis was confirmed by the ultrastructural demonstration of large desmosomes and long microvilli at the cell surface.’
    • ‘The luminal surface of the epithelial cells contained few irregular cytoplasmic projections, but cilia or microvilli were absent.’
    • ‘The ratio of the surface area of a microvillus to the area of the unit cell can be determined numerically.’
    • ‘In contrast to the model of a rigid microvillus, recent micropipette measurements indicate that neutrophil microvilli might be elastic enough to extend in response to forces that neutrophils might encounter in vivo.’