Definition of microstructure in English:



  • The fine structure (in a metal or other material) which can be made visible and examined with a microscope.

    • ‘Looking at the microstructure of metals can lead to the identification of techniques and postcasting working methods, and help evaluate alloys.’
    • ‘Natural systems have quite likely evolved microstructures or materials that get around this potential constraint.’
    • ‘These steels have an austenitic microstructure and they are nonmagnetic.’
    • ‘As described in the previous section, alloying must be sufficient to ensure that a pearlite-free microstructure is obtained in heat treatment.’
    • ‘Light in certain engineered dielectric microstructures can flow in a way similar to electrical currents in semiconductor chips.’
    • ‘Another example of microstructural control is that aragonite with complex microstructures can dissolve more rapidly than thermodynamically less stable magnesian calcite.’
    • ‘The purpose of neutron reflectometry is to reveal the microstructure of materials in thin film geometries.’
    • ‘The likelihood of non-steady-state flow in natural deformation presents a fundamental problem for meaningful vorticity analysis using microstructures and finite strain features.’
    • ‘As in the case of steels, alloy content and processing conditions affect the toughness of nonferrous metals by affecting their microstructures, which, in turn, determine their toughness.’
    • ‘More impressive still, its microstructure is strangely bound up with the way in which it is consulted.’
    • ‘The matrix microstructures resulting from heat treatment can vary from ferrite-pearlite to tempered martensite.’
    • ‘With such miniaturization, researchers might use this strategy for installing healing properties into materials' internal microstructures.’
    • ‘That's what a new study suggests about light-manipulating microstructures known as photonic crystals.’
    • ‘Although limited, overprinting the melt-present fabric development are solid-state microstructures.’
    • ‘With the help of a laser, the team next produced within the microstructure many electrons with the same spin orientation.’
    • ‘The microstructure of most alloys in the as-cast condition is quite heterogeneous.’
    • ‘Trip steels have a microstructure with retained austenite, ferrite and martensite.’
    • ‘Any retained austenite in the steel microstructure can transform under mechanical loading to martensite with a resulting increase in volume.’
    • ‘This is color that is caused by microstructures such as diffraction gratings, and thin films rather than pigment.’
    • ‘By altering the microstructure, we can create weak links between the ferromagnetic domains that should lead to new and interesting electronic networks.’