Definition of microspore in English:



  • The smaller of the two kinds of spore produced by some ferns.

    See also megaspore
    • ‘Both of these genera are heterosporous, meaning that each species produces two distinctly different types of spores: microspores and megaspores.’
    • ‘Within the microsporangium, the microspores are embedded in a foamy mass that is dispersed as ‘floats’.’
    • ‘The polarity of the micro-gametophyte (pollen grain) of flowering plants is related to the proximal-distal axis of the microspore from which it develops.’
    • ‘The embryogenic process originated during anther culture may have different origins, for example, haploid cells such as microspores or pollen grains, or somatic cells from anther tissues.’
    • ‘They have male spores called microspores and female spores called megaspores.’