Definition of microsite in English:



  • 1A small auxiliary website designed to function as a supplement to a primary website.

    • ‘Readers interested in using PestScan can access it either through the PestScan button on the PestPatrol site or directly at a PestScan microsite here.’
    • ‘As an example, the company designed a microsite for client United Paramount Network to promote its Claymation series Gary and Mike.’
    • ‘A number of adoption microsites also included links to pages elsewhere in the host institution's Web site, most often to general pages of contact details and to maps showing office locations.’
    • ‘We'd downloaded them from the IT Anthems microsite and while we played them, and I read the lyrics from the song sheets, Gordon attempted to guess what they were.’
    • ‘Nissan developed a master template that allows for separate but consistent microsites for each vehicle model.’
    • ‘Now they're being sponsored by the Ameriquest Mortgage Company whose homepage even includes a link to a Stones microsite.’
    • ‘In reality, all of these components would interact, providing a much wider range of microsites than we have addressed in this study.’
    • ‘Where museums have truly been able to harness the power of the web is with the microsite, a stand-alone website that accompanies a specific exhibition.’
    • ‘Orbitz was the first major online travel company to launch a gay travel microsite and continues to make diversity a priority as a Global Gold Sponsor for the Gay Games VII Sports & Cultural Festival.’
    • ‘See more at NASA's Astronaut Photography of the Earth microsite, if microsite is the right term for a website containing 476, 363 images.’
    • ‘Because Citibank's HR function was so strongly branded, ripple effects are still being felt: over the past six months, more than 500 CVs have been received via the company's microsite on the CPL website.’
    • ‘A fancy microsite or a video ad for a product, however, can trigger an immediate, measurable response in the form of traffic or revenue.’
    • ‘Pabst may link its website to an Obtainium microsite, for example.’
    • ‘Visitors to the site will be able to link to an African Nations Cup microsite featuring latest results, league tables and a special wall chart.’
  • 2Ecology
    A small, distinct area or habitat within a particular ecosystem.

    • ‘Basal areas of several woody species differed between the log and forest floor microsites.’
    • ‘This issue was most apparent for B. alleghaniensis, for which establishment microsites differed among the three stand types.’
    • ‘In cases where there was a difference in the number of microsites sampled in a site comparison, then only one microsite from each site was used.’
    • ‘Performance of M. arizonicum was consistent across the elevation gradient in Hylocomium microsites despite significant differences in light and temperature between elevations.’
    • ‘Analyses of variance and t-tests were performed to determine the statistical significance of differences between microsites and seasons for various parameters.’