Definition of microscooter in English:



  • A small two-wheeled foldable aluminium scooter for both children and adults.

    • ‘A spokeswoman for Smyths Toys said they advised parents to purchase helmets and protective pads in tandem with microscooters.’
    • ‘Eight years ago, Darren Richards was using the internet to import microscooters, yo-yos and other Asian novelty toys, when he reflected that the web's efficiencies might also source him a girlfriend.’
    • ‘You don't think he's been kidnapped by a militant bunch of Modern Urbanists on microscooters, do you?’
    • ‘Slip on your baggy trousers and hooded sweatshirt, pop on your wrap-round shades and oil the bearings on your microscooter - modern urbanists are back.’
    • ‘Sales of microscooters, baggy trousers and those sickly-sweet fruit-flavoured spirit-based drinks are expected to rocket as trendy city dwellers celebrate the return of their favourite dotcom brand.’
    • ‘The 66-year-old superstar was spotted whizzing through New York's Central Park recently on a motorised microscooter.’
    • ‘An alleged design fault has led to Glasgow City Council's Trading Standards Department issuing a suspension notice regarding an imported microscooter, the City Runner.’
    • ‘Previous reports have highlighted the impact of emerging crazes such as inline skating and microscooters, with attention being drawn to potential accident prevention and emerging patterns of injury.’
    • ‘Was it that they all wear combat trousers and ride microscooters?’
    • ‘Management decided to hide behind receptionists in a bid to avoid explaining why the trendy ISP has fallen off its microscooter.’