Definition of microreader in English:



  • An apparatus for producing an enlarged readable image from a microfilm or microprint.

    • ‘The microreader is a low-power module designed for use in portable, battery powered applications or electronic door locks etc.’
    • ‘The library is equipped with the latest in microreaders and printers in order to make full use of the growing microform collection.’
    • ‘Retailers are also taking advantage of integrated units like POS printers with built-in microreaders, said Buzek.’
    • ‘This invention will be hereinafter described with particular reference to an embodiment thereof applied to the microreader used as the interface.’
    • ‘Periodicals, newspapers, microforms and microreaders are on the fourth floor.’
    • ‘If electricity is a thing of the past in the future, a small generator operated by a windmill was included to power microreaders and projectors.’
    • ‘Aisles are embedded with inexpensive microreaders, and any product can be inventoried real-time.’
    • ‘The three microreaders available in the Library are fully occupied most of the time.’
    • ‘Digital microreaders are available in the Copy Center on 2 West in the Main Library.’
    • ‘Back then, however, microreaders and microprinters did not exist.’
    • ‘The RFID microreaders, RFID tags and EDTP readers are not available locally.’
    • ‘You may use the microreader for up to 3 hours.’