Definition of micropsia in English:



mass noun
  • A condition of the eyes in which objects appear smaller than normal.

    • ‘Instead I lay incapacitated, overwhelmed by the sensation I am now able to give the name micropsia.’
    • ‘Because micropsia exists for close objects, macropsia, the opposite, occurs for far objects.’
    • ‘That oculomotor adjustment to a relatively near point induces micropsia for the zenith moon’
    • ‘In the second to third hour, visual illusions, wavelike recurrences of perceptual changes (micropsia, macropsia, etc.), and affective symptoms may occur.’
    • ‘It must be strongly emphasized that oculomotor micropsia and oculomotor macropsia are physiological and not geometrical effects.’


Mid 19th century: from micro- ‘small’ + Greek -opsia ‘seeing’.