Definition of micropower in English:



  • mass noun, often as modifier Electrical power which is generated or utilized in relatively small quantities.

    ‘micropower generators’
    ‘renewable micropower technologies’
    • ‘Micropower systems based on advanced technologies must become more cost-effective to achieve broad commercialization.’
    • ‘The former has achieved much greater penetration in the micropower area.’
    • ‘High capital cost per kilowatt of energy generated, relative to other micropower sources, has been the key factor holding back development of fuel cells.’
    • ‘There is much technological progress in Western Europe and Japan, as new micropower technologies are being tested around the globe.’
    • ‘Our homes will be powered by micropower units that will allow us all to get off the grid.’
    • ‘Technological advances have brought down the costs of micropower systems.’
    • ‘Micropower units utilized here can be conventional generator sets, fuel cells, or other product categories.’
    • ‘The sooner we move to renewable micropower technologies, the sooner we can reduce the loading of the atmosphere with industrial gases.’
    • ‘Public Service Commissions can further accelerate the installation of clean micropower systems by establishing renewable portfolio standards.’
    • ‘Among the premier benefits of micropower is its environmental friendliness.’
    • ‘Also, their installation costs compare favorably to other micropower categories.’
    • ‘Large firms outside the U.S. are also looking at becoming more active in the micropower business.’
    • ‘From superior internal combustion engines, to gas turbines, to fuel cells, to more familiar renewable generators, micropower systems are proliferating in diverse applications.’
    • ‘Research foundations, public and private, might allocate more funds to renewable micropower R & D.’
    • ‘The residential sector to date has used micropower products mostly for backup power in the event of failure of the central utility grid.’
    • ‘In the coming years, relatively high levels of capital spending by micropower firms are expected to continue.’
    • ‘With an exemption from such surcharges, the playing field might be more level for micropower generators.’
    • ‘Municipal and industrial waste disposal can be viewed also as a resource recovery application and hence a potential market for micropower product lines.’
    • ‘Indeed, federal and state rulings regarding pollution control should stimulate the growth of many micropower products and markets.’
    • ‘These are not discussed here as they are not expected to be utilized in the micropower area.’