Definition of micropipette in English:



  • A very fine pipette for measuring, transferring, or injecting very small quantities of liquid.

    • ‘Glass micropipettes of desired diameters were prepared with a vertical pipette puller and a microforge as described elsewhere.’
    • ‘Automatic dispensing pipettes and micropipettes are also available commercially.’
    • ‘The deflection of the micropipette was measured and translated into force.’
    • ‘Literature data about the critical value of the relative area increase vary between 3% and 5%, both measured with micropipettes.’
    • ‘Identified neurons were excited or inhibited when these amino acids were squirted onto them from very fine micropipettes.’
    • ‘Mechanical stimulation of both cultivars by probing with blunt micropipettes without penetrating the epidermal cells resulted in regular depolarizations each time the root was probed.’
    • ‘The elastic moduli K and A of the membrane have been measured by various techniques, among which the micropipette is the most commonly used.’
    • ‘Though the expression incorporated the separate effects of driving pressure and minimum capillary radius on neutrophil transit time, it was based on studies using blunt-ended micropipettes.’
    • ‘The oocytes were mechanically released from large antral follicles and freed of cumulus cells by gently pipetting through a mouth-operated micropipette.’
    • ‘The intact nuclei were incubated for 15 min after which they were gently pierced with two fire-polished glass micropipettes.’
    • ‘From the concentrated algal suspension, nearly 300 individual cells were isolated in the laboratory within six hours of capture, using micropipettes and a binocular microscope.’
    • ‘Our device permits a more convenient control of both parameters than optical tweezers or micropipettes.’
    • ‘Two micropipettes were positioned in a dual entry chamber mounted on the microscope stage.’
    • ‘One describes cells as having a solid cortex and viscous liquid core and has been used to model the aspiration of cells with no or little cytoskeleton (such as red blood cells or unattached leukocytes) into micropipettes.’
    • ‘In previous experiments probing stress relaxation, red cells or resealed ghosts were aspirated into micropipettes.’
    • ‘For intracellular measurements the probe is commonly a glass micropipette that has been back-filled with a salt-solution and has a tip diameter suitable for insertion into a plant cell.’
    • ‘When aspirated into the micropipette, these GUVs behaved as liquids with no surface shear rigidity.’
    • ‘In a third method the interaction between two large vesicles formed at the end of micropipettes and imaged by a light microscope is determined.’
    • ‘By averaging the experimental results over 12 cells, a representative curve relating the membrane extension into the micropipette and the applied suction pressure was generated.’
    • ‘Specially prepared micropipettes are then used to aspirate sperm from these tubules.’