Definition of microphone in English:



  • An instrument for converting sound waves into electrical energy variations which may then be amplified, transmitted, or recorded.

    • ‘We can put a microphone in front of a drum kit and press record, you know what I mean.’
    • ‘They heard a loud feedback from a microphone and turned around to see where it was coming from.’
    • ‘The thieves also took electrical public address equipment and radio microphones.’
    • ‘If you want to record a hit record, you need a computer, a decent microphone and a software mixer.’
    • ‘Headset microphones are cheaper generally than the lip mic, though they can pick up a limited amount of background sound.’
    • ‘The debate sponsors should be responsible for microphones and the sound system.’
    • ‘He fixed them up with small, cordless microphones attached to their shirt collars.’
    • ‘These can pick up car number plates from 200 yards away and record voices via microphones on the outside of the van.’
    • ‘Should drum beating or use of microphones and loudspeakers that disturbs the peace of neighbourhood be permitted?’
    • ‘It's got a nice big room, with cordless microphones and lots of English music to choose from.’
    • ‘The rangers set up underwater microphones attached to amplifiers on the jetty.’
    • ‘We don't take up much room and don't have any amplifiers or microphones to encumber us.’
    • ‘Carolyn clicked and then spoke into the microphone and headphone she suddenly found by the computer.’
    • ‘A reporter stood behind him pointing a microphone connected to a minidisc recorder at us.’
    • ‘Upon receiving them from him, she would plug in her tape recorder, clip on her microphone and go to it.’
    • ‘However, you can also use the external speakers and microphones supplied with most modern personal computers.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitars may be amplified by placing a contact microphone inside the body.’
    • ‘Just climb in, don the headphones, grab the microphone, select a song and you're off!’
    • ‘I always wished I had a microphone to record all the wise things he said about music.’
    • ‘With a microphone under my nose and the mini-disc rolling, I didn't feel quite so smart.’
    public address system, pa system, speaker, speaker unit, speaker system
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