Definition of micropayment in English:



  • A very small payment made online.

    • ‘Teenagers are the most likely age group to purchase content online with micropayments.’
    • ‘‘It seems very natural to consider micropayments, purchases less than five euros,’ she said.’
    • ‘Could ‘the next big thing’ be a CC alternative that also provides for micropayments?’
    • ‘But the problem with micropayments is the administrative overhead.’
    • ‘Since the Internet's become pervasive, myriad companies purporting to enable micropayments - those less than a dollar - have come and gone.’
    • ‘There are two approaches - regular subscriptions or micropayments.’
    • ‘Unfortunately no suitable technology for cost-effectively handling micropayments has yet been produced.’
    • ‘The last time around, before the Internet bubble burst, micropayments never got much traction.’
    • ‘For example, the file can go out for free but expire in 30 days or can be passed one time, from one person to another, or the user can listen to the first 30 seconds and if it's the desired file, there's an option to make the micropayment.’
    • ‘But if this were an ideal world, they would consider another Internet idea that's regaining popularity - micropayments.’
    • ‘I need to read it again and let it percolate for a while, but it has brought to my attention the fact that what was really making me interested in micropayments was how fun a technical and user experience problem I thought it would be to solve.’
    • ‘His main areas are micropayments and content billing on GSM mobile phone networks and technology for the public transport industry.’
    • ‘This month, we're looking at the pebble in the shoe of online music commerce: micropayments.’
    • ‘Publishers went back to the drawing board and revised their business plans, adding affiliate dollars, micropayments and other e-commerce revenue sources to their projections.’
    • ‘In the golden 80s and 90s we told you micropayments and content protection would work; that you would be able to charge minuscule amounts of money whenever someone listened to your music or watched your movie.’
    • ‘Wired News is running an article about a new site called RedPaper, which is an interesting experiment in both self-publishing and micropayments.’
    • ‘The biggest obstacle to using credit cards for micropayments is the cost of transaction processing.’
    • ‘As for micropayments or subscription-based payments… that just won't work.’
    • ‘Ultimately, I fear, the full and final solution to spam will be the introduction of micropayments levied on the sender of email, in conjunction with digital signatures to authenticate that sender.’
    • ‘Now an independent strategy and technology consultant, his current major focus is the area of micropayments and content billing on GSM mobile phone networks.’