Definition of micrometeorological in English:



  • See micrometeorology

    • ‘For the field-grown bananas, daily micrometeorological conditions and soil water status remained relatively constant throughout the study period (data not shown).’
    • ‘After wind speed is accounted for, ammonia emissions are then calculated via a micrometeorological method.’
    • ‘A pollution monitoring and modelling study has been carried out on a low street canyon (height to width ratio = 0.53) in a suburb of Leeds, Headingly with the aim of determining the micrometeorological influences on pollution concentrations and dispersion.’
    • ‘This paper reports observations on the micrometeorological features associated to frost occurrence in a representative area of the Po valley in order to characterize the atmospheric physics during frost formation episodes, to understand the frequency and the type of risk and to develop the most suitable protection practices.’
    • ‘Recently, portable automated research micrometeorological stations were designed and fabricated by staff at the Oklahoma Climatological Survey to provide enhanced observations of atmospheric conditions at remote locations.’