Definition of micrometeorite in English:



  • A micrometeoroid that has entered the earth's atmosphere.

    • ‘Some are impacts from micrometeorites coming from the birth of the Solar System, and some can be attributed to paint flakes from spacecraft or other space debris.’
    • ‘The magnetic fragments that Basu and his team found ‘clearly are little pieces of meteorite,’ Rampino says, but he cautions that they could be part of the normal flux of micrometeorites that fall to Earth.’
    • ‘The Moon's regolith was created by the ceaseless bombardment of micrometeorites, cosmic rays and particles of solar wind breaking down rocks for billions of years.’
    • ‘This experiment showed that in order for tethers to be useful for long-duration missions in space, they must be designed to withstand cuts by micrometeorites and space debris.’
    • ‘Kevlar also was used on the Galileo probe to Jupiter, which included a parachute made of Kevlar, and at the International Space Station, where a blanket made of Kevlar was used to wrap its inner walls to protect from micrometeorites.’
    • ‘The passage of any object larger than a micrometeorite would cause it to collapse immediately.’
    • ‘Presumably these elements are either supplied continually by micrometeorites or are liberated from the surface under the influence of solar radiation or meteorite impact.’
    • ‘These areas could expose what has been hidden just beneath the lunar surface, buried just deep enough so the samples wouldn't have been degraded by the constant rain of micrometeorites that ‘sandblasts’ the rocks on the lunar surface.’
    • ‘Three electrodes in the gyroscope housing can exert electric forces to support the rotor during spin-up, or in case a micrometeorite impacts on the satellite.’
    • ‘The passive mirrors just keep on reflecting, as there is as yet no evidence of damage from dust or micrometeorites.’
    • ‘Ask me sometime how they keep it from hazing with normal cosmic dust and micrometeorites.’
    • ‘We discovered a number of good candidates for micrometeorites - primordial space dust that literally rains down on our roof.’
    • ‘As she slowly approached, they could see the markings and weathering from the constant torture of wild temperature fluctuations, unfiltered solar radiation and micrometeorites.’
    • ‘Call up and say you think your child was struck by a micrometorite - she has a small bruise on her head, and I can't imagine why, unless it was a micrometeorite - and they'll say bring her in.’
    • ‘They seem to have been badly ravaged by micrometeorites and are somewhat high in radiation, so I doubt that a trip would be worth while.’
    • ‘From my reading of the evidence, ozone fluctuations, as with global temperature fluctuations, are a product of solar variation - though in the case of Antarctica some scientists also implicate micrometeorites.’
    • ‘These ancient events are recorded in the lunar regolith, formed throughout lunar history by the impact of micrometeorites and which were buried and preserved by subsequent lava flows.’