Definition of microlitre in English:


(US microliter)


  • One millionth of a litre. (Symbol: μl).

    • ‘For the size ranges of interest for drug delivery, the internal volumes of liposomes in suspension are usually of the order of microliters per milligram of lipid.’
    • ‘I set up my experiment today, in a 96-well plate (here's one similar to what I was using, if you don't know the beasts), and spent a good chunk of the afternoon pipetting in a few microliters of this and a few microliters of that.’
    • ‘Fifteen microlitres microcarrier suspension was used for each bombardment.’
    • ‘If it's blood, for instance, it's boiled and we will receive a small amount of material, about 180 microlitres, a very small amount of material at the end, with the DNA, at the bottom of that tube.’
    • ‘Thirty microliters of PCR products were electrophoresed on 6.5% polyacrylamide gel that contained a linearly increasing 10% to 60% denaturing gradient.’
    • ‘Three microliters of the reaction mixture was loaded onto 6.5% polyacrylamide denaturing gels without formamide, and the PCR products were separated by electrophoresis at 1600 V for 4 to 7 hours.’
    • ‘Four microliters of the diluted mix were used as template for the preselective amplification reaction using primers with one selective nucleotide at the 3'-end.’
    • ‘Thirty microlitres of PCR product was loaded on 1.5 per cent agarose gel (Sigma, USA) electrophoresed and stained with ethidium bromide.’
    • ‘Six-hundred microlitres of initial labeling solution was then added to achieve an appropriate dilution.’
    • ‘Two microliters of whole blood were suspended in 0.5% low melting point agarose and sandwiched between a layer of 0.6% normal melting point agarose and a top layer of 0.5% low melting point agarose on fully frosted slides.’
    • ‘Three microliters of sterile H 2 O were added to bring the total reaction volume up to 10 l, and the mixture was incubated overnight at 15°C. Transformation and plating were performed using standard procedures.’
    • ‘Capsaicin is available in a water-based aerosol with each squirt delivering 70 microlitres.’
    • ‘Five microlitres of the remaining extract was analysed by thin layer chromatography according to Wollenweber.’
    • ‘Two microliters of the resulting liquid was used as a sequencing template.’
    • ‘The terrons complexes were prepared by passing a stream of CO above the protein solution submitted to gentle stirring, and by adding a few microliters of a concentrated, de-aerated dithionite solution.’
    • ‘If the extract became yellow, several microlitres of 20% (w/v) NaOH were added until it just became blue.’
    • ‘Twenty microliters of each antibody was added to 100 L of blood, and the mixture was incubated at room temperature for 15 minutes.’
    • ‘Routinely, over 50 l of phloem sap was collected, however, only a few microlitres were required for analysis.’
    • ‘To get enough of the protein, the researchers will have to collect thousands of the bugs at a rate of 1 microliter (it would take 250,000 microliters to gather a cup) of hemolymph per insect.’
    • ‘Two-hundred microliters of the stock solution of the lipid sample in chloroform was placed in a round bottom flask to which 300 L of methanol was added.’