Definition of microlepidoptera in English:


plural noun

  • The numerous small moths which are of interest only to the specialist collector.

    • ‘Mr. Harrison will compile the first-ever dedicated species inventory of microlepidoptera in a prairie community within the original range of eastern tallgrass prairie.’
    • ‘This leaflet sets out to provide an introductory framework for the study of microlepidoptera and provides information on the routes for further study.’
    • ‘Herbaceous plants are larval hosts for 112 of the 160 known species of microlepidoptera of the San Bruno Mountains.’
    • ‘While the macrolepidoptera probably represents a natural group, the microlepidoptera is more a grouping of convenience that lumps together many different families of small-sized, primitive moths.’
    • ‘Several insects including some microlepidoptera and some Chrysomelid beetles have this unusual habit of making a trail through the middle layers of a leaf as their larvae feed and grow.’


Modern Latin (plural), from micro- ‘small’ + Lepidoptera.