Definition of micrography in English:



  • See micrograph

    • ‘What is perhaps most revealing about Hooke's text is its composite character, as it enacts what Browne might have called the ‘amphibologies,’ the ambiguous frames of mind of which micrography is the theater.’
    • ‘These pages are executed in a combination of painting, in gold and color, and micrography, decorations applied in minute lines of script.’
    • ‘To calculate expression density, the mean surface area of the K562 cells was determined from digital video micrography of over 100 healthy cells, yielding a mean apparent surface area of 584 + / 13 pan2 SEM.’
    • ‘Two-surface optical micrography decisively reveals that the ferrite component of upper bainite is composed of groups of thin parallel laths with a well-defined crystallographic habit.’
    • ‘Joshua indicates that he executed the micrography in Tudela, in 1300, on behalf of a certain Sasson from Cervera.’