Definition of micrographic in English:



  • See micrograph

    • ‘The range of angles observed in electron micrographic tomograms of rapidly frozen muscle fibers was ordered into a sequence compatible with a continuously attached, progressive 13-nm power stroke.’
    • ‘These studies, along with structural data from electron micrographic and crystallographic studies suggest the minimal mechanochemical scheme in Fig.1.’
    • ‘Verification of the positive clones as being EPO-encoding was obtained through DNA sequencing and electron micrographic visualization of heteroduplex formation with the monkey cDNA of Example 3.’
    • ‘Consequently, much of the current understanding of this intricate developmental process comes from electron micrographic studies of mammalian spermatogenesis as well as analysis of mice with mutations that affect this process.’
    • ‘Electron micrographic studies of regenerating S. pombe protoplasts have substantiated this view by demonstrating an intimate association between F-actin structures and sites of new cell wall formation.’