Definition of micrograph in English:



  • A photograph taken by means of a microscope.

    • ‘Negatively stained filaments showed tropomyosin with periodically arranged troponin complexes in electron micrographs.’
    • ‘Three groups of cells from which bulges are formed on the apex flanks, and their progeny, are outlined in red, green, or yellow in micrographs, and in black on the curvature and strain rate plots.’
    • ‘This result is similar to the micrographs shown in Fig.3, a and b, obtained from freeze-thaw cycled dispersions.’
    • ‘To the left is an electron micrograph of a cluster of influenza viruses, each about 100 nanometers (billionths of a meter) long; both membrane and protein coat are visible.’
    • ‘Both the electron micrographs and the light micrographs are very clear and well labeled.’
    • ‘Transmitted light micrographs of the same samples (H and J) show GUS activity in pollen tubes.’
    • ‘Scanning electron micrographs provide a reference for each stage to illustrate the progression from vegetative meristem to inflorescence meristem and floral organs.’
    • ‘Natural surfactant has been observed to form a structure, tubular myelin, that appears as a square lattice in electron micrographs.’
    • ‘Nine of 25 damaged fusulinids were mounted onto SEM stubs for preparation of scanning electron micrographs.’
    • ‘The electron micrographs of over 1000 filaments were subjected to optical diffraction as previously described.’
    • ‘Of 24 micrographs, 22 had neighboring thick and thin filaments with periodic structures connecting the two.’
    • ‘The SEM micrographs were electronically recorded.’
    • ‘As to the micro-damage, this is often marked enough to see in electron micrographs of endurance runners' leg muscles, and might prove even more severe after strenuous climbs.’
    • ‘Fluorescence micrographs of radicle cells of dry seeds and seedlings of Medicago truncatula, labelled with tubulin antibody and with a fluorescent secondary antibody.’
    • ‘Indeed, electron micrographs show rouleau formations comprised of cupshaped erythrocytes with curved contact surfaces.’
    • ‘The original negatives and micrographs presented in Sutinen et al. and Holopainen et al. were used to identify the ozone-induced granules.’
    • ‘Figure 3a and Figure 3b are micrographs of liver sections of the control group and acetaminophen group.’
    • ‘According to electron micrographs and low angle X-ray studies the structure of the Rho hexamer can be described as a flat ring-shaped molecule composed of six globular subunits.’
    • ‘Scanning electron micrographs and 1-m plastic sections of adult eyes were prepared as described previously.’
    • ‘Experimental electron micrographs show that, upon rapid disassembly of MTs, the protofilaments peel off and curl.’