Definition of microglia in English:


plural noun

  • Glial cells derived from mesoderm that function as macrophages (scavengers) in the central nervous system and form part of the reticuloendothelial system.

    • ‘Three cell types are found: astrocytes with their two varieties, protoplasmic and fibrous; oligodendroglia; and microglia.’
    • ‘Nerve cells near plaques often look swollen and deformed, and are surrounded by inflammatory cells called microglia, which are part of the brain's immune system.’
    • ‘Optic pathway gliomas in humans are typically surrounded by blood vessels and microglia, which are immune system cells in the brain.’
    • ‘The neurohypophysis was replaced by fibrotic tissue containing perivascular macrophages and activated microglia, and in the cerebellum, there were large areas of myelin pallor.’
    • ‘Scavenger cells called microglia can be found in the center of plaques, and astrocytes, a type of cell that usually helps protect neurons, are found around the outside of the spherical plaques.’