Definition of microgamete in English:



  • (especially in protozoans) the smaller of a pair of conjugating gametes, usually regarded as male.

    • ‘The sexual phase of the Plasmodium life cycle is completed with the fertilization of a macrogamete by a flagellar microgamete, and the subsequent generation of sporozoites.’
    • ‘The nucleus of the female parasite moves to the surface where a small protuberance is formed and into this, penetrates the microgamete forming a zygote.’
    • ‘Soon after release, the originally motile female microgametes begin to settle on a surface and start to secrete a chemical signal.’
    • ‘Each of these processes becomes a male gamete termed a microgamete which is equivalent to a mammalian spermatozoon.’
    • ‘Fertilisation occurs when the microgamete fuses with the macrogamete to form first a zygote, then a motile ookinete.’