Definition of microfloral in English:



  • See microflora

    • ‘Process for growing thraustochytrium and schizochytrium using non-chloride salts to produce a microfloral biomass having omega-3 - highly unsaturated fatty acids’
    • ‘It is possible microfloral alterations induced by a particular antibiotic might be more severe in individuals with compromised health or who have been subjected to multiple courses of antibiotics.’
    • ‘Faunal and microfloral assemblages are also indicative of the oceanic state, and in this regard the conodonts have been the most intensively studied.’
    • ‘Some diets promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms, while others promote microfloral activity that can be harmful to the host.’
    • ‘These two formations are heteropic because of the common appearance of the same microfloral assemblage.’