Definition of microflora in English:



mass nounBiology
  • Bacteria and microscopic algae and fungi, especially those living in a particular site or habitat.

    • ‘In areas where soils are infertile, native plants and soil microflora that are critical to plant survival often rely on intact biological crusts to provide sufficient water and nutrient flow.’
    • ‘This microflora, composed of 10 bacteria per gram of intestinal content, forms a stable ecosystem that permits the elimination of exogenous organisms.’
    • ‘The high heat treatment kills 90 per cent of the milk's normal microflora, destroys enzymes, and upsets the balance of delicate milk components critical to a cheeses texture and flavour.’
    • ‘‘The problem is, these microflora are very difficult to replace in the current environment,’ says Trenev.’
    • ‘According to Mr Boothman, a good intake of colostrum ensures colonisation of the gut with preferential microflora and also encourages the calf's natural reaction to stand up and suck at this early stage.’
    • ‘Similarly, the relationship between the overall diet and composition of the microflora awaits further clarification using modern microbiological techniques.’
    • ‘The ingestion of moderate amounts of fructans can promote a healthy digestive system as they pass intact through the stomach and reach the intestine where they promote the intestinal microflora.’
    • ‘It is formed from decaying plant roots, leaves, etc. deposited at the surface, and the remains of microflora and microfauna living in the soil.’
    • ‘In a preferred embodiment, the process produces microflora having a cell aggregate size less than about 150 microns useful for the production of food products for use in aquaculture.’
    • ‘Only use newspaper text pages (black ink); color dyes may be harmful to soil microflora and fauna if composted and used.’