Definition of microcosmic in English:



  • See microcosm

    • ‘And this applies just as much to the microcosmic world of Welsh surfing as it does to the wider world away from the blue-grey waves, warm pubs and happy-go-lucky locals that are part and parcel of Welsh wave riding.’
    • ‘Still in my adopted role as security personnel, I scan the room, nod as if reassured, then slowly - reluctantly - close the door on this microcosmic tableau of Belgian surrealism.’
    • ‘It's also a microcosmic study of the rapidly morphing Plateau itself, once a working-class neighbourhood and now a residential yuppie hotspot, increasingly expensive with far fewer families.’
    • ‘In fact like Singapore's ‘Little India’ - exotic, microcosmic and glowing with energy - this is Kenya's ersatz avatar of the same.’
    • ‘I mean that ‘the end of the world’ is always partial, it's always the end of a world, but that AIDS in the 80s in New York is a fairly good microcosmic representation.’