Definition of microcircuit in English:



  • A minute electric circuit, especially an integrated circuit.

    • ‘A team of researchers in England is challenging that convention with a magnetic microcircuit that carries out simple but important steps in computation.’
    • ‘Silicon wafers used for building microcircuits are usually polished at one specific angle to the atomic planes of silicon.’
    • ‘The most time-consuming and expensive step in constructing microcircuits focuses a pattern of light onto a semiconductor surface coated with a photosensitive film.’
    • ‘Instead of producing microcircuits, Intel could end up making furnaces.’
    • ‘He guarded an insurance company's computer - this was before microcircuits and it had 2,400 vacuum tubes.’
    • ‘Should their silicon inhabitants - microcircuits, microgears, and micropower drivers - exist in a vacuum?’
    • ‘Instead, he says computer simulations of the brain may be used to study how and why certain microcircuits in the brain malfunction, which is thought to be the cause of psychiatric disorders such as autism, schizophrenia, and depression.’
    • ‘Similarly, although the demand for gold for industrial purposes has grown - principally for computer semiconductors and microcircuits - the giant's share, 80%, remains centred on jewellery.’
    • ‘Worryingly, the man from Citroen warned that failure to restore the roof correctly might sheer off tiny but expensive-sounding microcircuits (Uh-oh!).’
    • ‘An example might be the manufacture of microcircuits.’
    • ‘As if damaging incredibly delicate microcircuits was a helpful response to a problem, Verbena Beeks shook the hand-link.’
    • ‘A microcircuit will only work if absolutely everything is right.’
    • ‘Not far off, say the technology's developers, are photonic microcircuits that process light beams the way today's microelectronics chips process electric currents.’