Definition of microcar in English:



  • A small and fuel-efficient car.

    • ‘Along came the microcar, a tiny automobile often powered by a motorcycle engine yet offering protection from the weather, along with conventional seating.’
    • ‘Why aren't more different types of cars - namely hatchbacks, wagons and microcars - more readily available in the U.S.?’
    • ‘By the end they were down to 10, defeated by a new generation of inexpensive four-wheel microcars.’
    • ‘Of course it helped that the tanks move at less than 20% of the speed of the microcars - but still, my three-year-old test subject was much happier with the tanks than the microcars, because he could actually control them.’
    • ‘Today's applications stem from the efforts of engineer Hubertus van Doorne whose twin-rubber-belt Variomatic transmission propelled Dutch-built DAF microcars to a 52-mph top speed in 1958.’
    • ‘But BMW, the microcar's new parent company, is launching an updated version called the Mini Cooper, which it hopes will be more successful here this time around.’
    • ‘Its microcars are a hit in Italy and are selling well elsewhere in Europe, helping boost Hyundai and Kia's share on the continent by 20%, to 2.4%, since 2000.’
    • ‘To that end, the Desktop Rover includes some cool capabilities that can make them even more fun than the microcars for many people.’