Definition of microburst in English:



  • A sudden, powerful, localized air current, especially a downdraught.

    • ‘At the time, I was looking for software to visualize my 3 - D model data of microbursts, severe downdrafts that sometimes descend from thunderstorm clouds.’
    • ‘Just as we can't tell if we'll hit a microburst and plunge down 300 feet unless we have Doppler radar, we also don't know what the EM environment is unless we measure it.’
    • ‘This distinguishes tornadoes from microbursts, which often do tornado-like damage and are often mistaken for tornadoes.’
    • ‘There have been five major airline accidents and countless general-aviation incidents recorded in which aircraft flew into well-developed, highly reflective thunderstorms with wet microbursts.’
    • ‘From cold and frosty, through inches and inches of rain, to big and little heat waves, with a microburst or two thrown in, it's been a challenging rose season.’
    • ‘Changes in wind direction associated with turbulence, caused by weather fronts, thunderstorms, microbursts, etc.’
    • ‘The most dangerous kind, a microburst, is caused by air descending from a thunderstorm.’
    • ‘A microburst only affects a path of 2.5 miles or less and lasts less than 10 minutes.’
    • ‘If the downburst is concentrated in an area less than 2.5 miles in diameter, it is called a microburst.’
    • ‘With a flip of a switch, the same simulator will generate a microburst (powerful downdraft).’
    • ‘Without warning, the powerful microburst left me with little to do except hang on.’
    • ‘Thunderstorms present aviators with many meteorological hazards: extreme turbulence and icing, low-level wind shear, microbursts, lightning strikes, and hail.’
    • ‘In addition to damaging buildings and blowing down trees, microbursts blasting down to the ground are a major aviation hazard and have caused several crashes.’