Definition of microbrowser in English:



  • A web browser for use with mobile phones and other handheld devices with small screens.

    • ‘‘If they figure out a way to make money in this business, I want to buy them dinner,’ says Robert O'Hara, Microsoft's product unit manager for microbrowsers.’
    • ‘The Xpedio Content Publisher enables users to publish content to WML standards that are specific to mobile phone microbrowsers.’
    • ‘At the moment Microsoft is pitching its microbrowser at these, and reserving CE for more powerful devices, but that won't be the case forever, and there's probably a lot more that we can't see going on under the covers.’
    • ‘With Mobile Explorer they can take a thin client approach to the market and be successful, but Microsoft will depend on the services it can offer at the server end to retain control of the microbrowser.’
    • ‘Over the next few months, AOL and Sony will develop a ‘gateway’ device that will link all the home machines, as well as an AOL microbrowser to navigate all of Sony's connected devices from handheld computers to camcorders.’
    • ‘Whatever the protocol, almost all handheld devices will eventually work with some sort of microbrowser that's optimized for mobile communications.’
    • ‘Stnc wrote the microbrowser used by Psion / Symbian, and when Microsoft needed a microbrowser, it bought the company.’
    • ‘They also showcased their embedded Linux GUI and microbrowser (mBrowser).’
    • ‘Note, too, how a microbrowser is starting to inflate into a whole platform, without Microsoft getting too specific about underlying operating systems.’
    • ‘They use microbrowsers (in the study's case, both were WAP 1.1 compliant) to view and manipulate content.’
    • ‘More important, WAP microbrowsers are configured to use less memory and CPU power, thus extending the battery life of a mobile device.’
    • ‘Well yes, it might use Symbian and it might not have Microsoft's microbrowser in it but, er, it's able to work with PCs running Microsoft software.’