Definition of microbiota in English:



mass noun
  • The microorganisms of a particular site, habitat, or geological period.

    • ‘The importance of microbial spatial relationships for the functioning of the termite gut microbiota have recently been discussed in detail.’
    • ‘During the developmental period from birth through weaning, the intestinal microbiota undergoes a rapid ecological succession.’
    • ‘Different shades of dark gray are also shown by mummified plant and animal fragments and by dehydrated components of microbiota.’
    • ‘Antibiotic use is the most common and significant cause of major alterations in normal GIT microbiota.’
    • ‘These specialised organisms form an integral part of the adult colonic microbiota and may be involved in inflammatory bowel disease due to the effects of sulphide toxicity in the gut.’
    • ‘The hindgut microbiota of termites includes an abundant and morphologically diverse population of spirochetes.’
    • ‘Contrasting morphology, which is readily apparent in these close associations, attests to the diverse nature of the microbiota.’
    • ‘What properties of spirochetes (or of the termite gut itself) enable them to become such a prominent component of the microbiota?’
    • ‘Furthermore, it is likely that most herbivorous dinosaurs employed a mutualistic gut microbiota.’
    • ‘Abnormal vaginal microbiota could even be secondary to defective protection of the mucosal immune system.’
    • ‘Finally, SEM allowed visualizing the microbiota trapped in the bubbles.’
    • ‘It seems likely that the mycorrhizal plants were able to compete effectively with the wider soil microbiota and tap directly into the high quality organic resource patch via their extra-radical mycelium.’
    • ‘We begin to collect these billions of microbiota the moment we begin to pass down our mother's birth canal.’
    • ‘Our dependence on our indigenous microbiota is further confirmed by the fact that many of the abnormalities one finds in germ-free animals are rapidly corrected if the animals are brought into contact with the right kind of bacteria.’
    • ‘However, limitations imposed by these culture based studies have precluded a standardized description of the rumen microbiota.’
    • ‘The normal microbiota in this anoxic environment are composed of bacteria, ciliate and flagellate protozoa, and anaerobic chytridiomycete fungi.’
    • ‘Somewhere between 5 and 10 miles you may start to exceed temperatures for known earth microbiota.’
    • ‘In the figure is a central channel, and in the lower part of the image microbiota are apparent owing to their mineralization.’
    • ‘Therefore, we examined the effect of starvation over time on the intestinal microbiota of Atlantic salmon.’
    • ‘They are members of the bacterioplankton and enteric microbiota of vertebrates and invertebrates, as well as saprophytes in marine environments in wounds and on the surfaces of dead animals.’