Definition of microarray in English:



  • A set of DNA sequences representing the entire set of genes of an organism, arranged in a grid pattern for use in genetic testing.

    • ‘This may require assaying a range of enzymes, and will increasingly involve transcriptome analysis on DNA microarrays, or proteome analysis.’
    • ‘Many of the genes on the microarray are expressed sequence tags of uncharacterized genes.’
    • ‘Note that gene microarrays have gotten so powerful that these researchers were able to check the expression levels of all the known genes in a human cell.’
    • ‘For future studies, whether using microarrays, proteomics or genetics, I believe it is essential that this requirement is met and it is now the time to develop large-scale annotation programmes.’
    • ‘A microarray consists of single-stranded DNA arranged on a wafer the size of a postage stamp.’