Definition of microanalyser in English:


(US microanalyzer)


  • An instrument in which a beam of electrons or other radiation is focused on to a minute area of a sample and the resulting secondary radiation (usually X-ray fluorescence) is analysed to yield chemical information.

    • ‘A newly installed computer-controlled microanalyzer is available for use by any researcher on the campus.’
    • ‘The lamellae and intervening host proved too small for individual analysis on the microanalyser.’
    • ‘This allowed uncoated specimens to be examined and elemental distributions to be determined using an energy dispersive X-ray microanalyser.’
    • ‘His research interests are in the development of semiconductor process technology, in recent years he has focused on silicon micromachining with particular emphasis on the development of technology for fabrication of chemical microanalysers and microfluidic devices.’
    • ‘The result is that the ability of present-day electron and ion microscopes and microanalyzers to probe matter directly on the atomic scale is greatly limited.’