Definition of micro-environment in English:



  • The immediate small-scale environment of an organism or a part of an organism, especially as a distinct part of a larger environment.

    • ‘Each landscape has its own micro-environment.’
    • ‘This distribution of gene expression suggests that different micro-environments exist within the granulomas, to which the bacilli are responsive, adopting different metabolic states.’
    • ‘The individual itself always alters the micro-environment by its reaction to environmental factors, i.e. by its metabolism, and often just by its existence, such as by intercepting sunlight.’
    • ‘Early people learned how to make fire and modify their micro-environments; rain dances and other rituals to alleviate droughts are part of our folklore.’
    • ‘In the alkaline micro-environment at the interface partial neutralisation of the film could occur resulting in a ‘leaky’ coat and thus allowing acid to penetrate and effect degradation.’