Definition of micritic in English:



  • See micrite

    • ‘Typically the limestones of the Langport Member are pure, micritic and pale grey; where this lithology is preeminent the unit has been referred to as the White Lias (a term used by William Smith in his table of strata dating from 1799).’
    • ‘Haimacystis occurs on the upper surface of an echinoderm and trilobite skeletal grain-supported intraformational conglomerate about 10 cm thick with rounded, tabular, micritic pebbles.’
    • ‘The fossils were preserved in 98-99% pure micritic limestone, precipitated on a caliche paleosol that surrounded a shallow Pleistocene lake with swampy marginal zones.’
    • ‘The Southern Biofacies Belt is characterized by micritic carbonates rich in gymnocodiacean and dasycladacean algae, bellerophontid gastropods, productid brachiopods, and bryzoans to the exclusion of ammonoids.’
    • ‘The Hamrat Duru rocks include radiolarian cherts, micritic limestones, turbiditic sandstones, shales and calcarenite, all complexly folded and thrust faulted in a 30 km wide fold-thrust belt.’