Definition of Micmac in English:


(also Mi'kmaq)


  • 1A member of a North American people inhabiting the Maritime Provinces of Canada.

    • ‘Both works covered much ground lost in the rather shrill media reportage o n the subject, particularly the long, peaceful and very productive relationship between the Acadians and the Mi'kmaq that reaches back to 1604.’
    • ‘There was another treaty, signed in 1779, which promised the Mi'kmaq would be free of molestation by the forces of the Crown.’
    • ‘She focuses much attention on the impressive pan - Native support that exists for the Mi'kmaq of Esgenoopetitj across Canada.’
    • ‘The part of Acadia between the Bay of Fundy and the St Lawrence became disputed territory, claimed by Mi'kmaqs, Maliseets, and Abenakis, supported by the French.’
    • ‘They pointed out as they had done before, that if they took the oath, Abbe LeLoutre would incite the Mi'kmaq to attack them, and the British could not protect them.’
    • ‘Marshall took his case to the Supreme Court of Canada, which, in September 1999, ruled in his favour, upholding a two-century-old treaty signed by the British Crown and the Mi'kmaq in 1752.’
    • ‘The programme will include an excursion to the archives of Acadia University (Silas T. Rand collection), as well as a workshop on Silas Rand's Legends of the Micmac.’
    • ‘And now, the Mi'kmaq are being attacked violently for acting on a subsistence right to fish, a right formally recognized by the Supreme Court.’
    • ‘The problem of recruitment and escalating license costs is also being affected by the entry of the Mi'kmaq, an aboriginal people, into commercial fishing.’
    • ‘It's not clear how it came to be that the other two federally recognized tribes in Maine, the Aroostook Band of Micmacs, the Houlton Band of Maliseet Indians, never had representatives in the Legislature.’
    • ‘The white fishermen's actions are illegal and life-threatening, and actions taken by the Mi'kmaq to protect their lives and property and to prevent the white fishermen's commission of further crimes are certainly justified.’
    • ‘Some people got rich by taking the Mi'kmaq's rightful share of resources.’
    • ‘Both shed lots of light on the case of Anna Mae, a Micmac from Nova Scotia who eventually became involved in the American Indian Movement and went to South Dakota.’
    • ‘On September 27, 1989, I made my first public comments about the genocide the British committed against the Mi'kmaq in the Maritimes.’
    • ‘And native peoples were hardly passive participants in this enterprise. It was the Mi'kmaqs who insisted that Cartier forget about a passage to China and trade for furs.’
    • ‘The MFU did destroy a small number of traps, but most of the Mi'kmaq's traps remain in the water, Ward said.’
    • ‘Although the Mi'kmaq camped in the area in summer for hundreds of years, today the people of this area are predominantly of Acadian ancestry.’
    • ‘Within the forest there were strange people, the indigenous Micmac, as well as large and potentially dangerous animals like bear and moose.’
    • ‘France did not recognize the oath and continued to regard the Acadians as French subjects, and Acadian relations with the Mi'kmaqs remained friendly.’
    • ‘The Mi'kmaq continued to honor the treaties that were made in the name of peace, and at no time surrendered or ceded territory, government, or the inherent right to sustain themselves.’
  • 2mass noun The Algonquian language of the Micmac, now with fewer than 8,000 speakers.

    • ‘They are part of the Algonquian language family that, in Quebec, includes the Montagnais-Naskapi, Micmac, Malecite, and Abenaki.’
    • ‘A productive borrowing from Micmac through French is toboggan, a runnerless wooden sled still used by children.’


  • Relating to the Micmac or their language.

    • ‘We've turned a blind eye to the armed assaults on Mi'kmaq fishers, the destruction of their property and livelihood by organized mobs and the police harassment of Burnt Church community members.’
    • ‘Interviews were also held with youth-serving counselors and health workers about their perceptions of young Mi'kmaq women's stress experiences, as well as about policies and programs that they felt might assist female youth.’
    • ‘When they encountered the Canadian Micmac Indians they found that the latter had a great appetite for their native clams but were having to cook them with hot stones placed in water in a hollowed-out piece of tree trunk.’
    • ‘The recent confrontations over Mi'kmaq fishing in the East and Native logging in British Columbia have shown just how strong the prejudices against our people run among the immigrants to our territories who call themselves Canadians.’
    • ‘At that time, after decades of waging an undeclared war with the Mi'kmaq, the colonial governments of Massachusetts and Nova Scotia formally declared war upon the Mi'kmaq Nation.’
    • ‘The stress experience of Mi'kmaq women is shaped in part by historical, socio-economic and health conditions, but also by gender-based differences and by prospects for their children.’
    • ‘The film detailed the confrontations at Burnt Church over the last two years between Mi'kmaq fishermen and federal officials in the wake of the Marshall decision on First Nations fishing rights.’
    • ‘My community of Burnt Church felt that this right was meant not just for the individual, but for the entire Mi'kmaq Nation and especially for our community.’
    • ‘Forever is the first Mi'kmaq band to have a professional music video.’
    • ‘As soon as the Supreme Court ruling was rendered, Mi'kmaq fishermen began asserting their newly affirmed treaty rights by fishing for lobster in the waters of Miramichi Bay.’
    • ‘At least five rifle shots were fired at close range, none of which caused any injuries or damage to the Mi'kmaq boats.’
    • ‘For example, Lynn McIntyre and her colleagues in Nova Scotia interviewed Mi'kmaq youth living on reserve and found that young women were twice as likely as young men to report feeling sad, depressed or extremely stressed.’
    • ‘The Acadians objected that if they took an oath of allegiance to King George, France would incite their Mi'kmaq allies to attack them.’
    • ‘The issue got considerable media attention in the court's Donald Marshall decision which gave broad fishing rights to the Mi'kmaq nation.’
    • ‘That means, for the Mi'kmaq people anyway, that we had clear and inherent right to that resource.’
    • ‘Pregnancy was unquestioned as an interrupter for female Mi'kmaq students.’
    • ‘Champlain singled out this site as early as 1608, one reason being that from a cape, cannons could be installed to control the narrows of this river leading upstream to the Great Lakes (‘Quebec’ means ‘narrows’ in the Micmac language).’
    • ‘The federal government and white fishermen must respect the law and stop attacking Mi'kmaq people in the just and legal exercise of their rights.’
    • ‘The impasse over the Mi'kmaq right to fish has escalated to the danger point even though that right is the subject of an ongoing political debate that revolves around the interpretation of a Supreme Court of Canada decision.’
    • ‘Donald Marshall, Jr., a Mi'kmaq man who served 11 years in prison for a crime of which he was later proved innocent, also attended the Alberta press conference to lend his support to the family.’


Via French from Micmac.