Definition of Michelin man in English:

Michelin man


  • A fat person.

    • ‘Whether or not the Michelin man enjoyed his meal as much as Simon's devoted clientele, remains to be seen.’
    • ‘Then I found a job back at the varsity I studied in, and sadly bumped into him (he is rather huge now, Mr Michelin man) at the varsity dining areas.’
    • ‘Yes, the big splooshy brown mass of racially diverse Michelin man thanks to my huge jacket, scares her much.’
    • ‘Arriving unannounced and supposedly anonymously at a top restaurant, its car park packed with luxury limousines, the solitary Michelin man would be spotted before he had even sat down.’


1990s: from the name of a cartoon character with a body and limbs made up of pneumatic tyres.